Ufok Ntan Mbakara (by xumenz solutions, LLC)

Nigeria currently has a housing deficit of 17 million homes. This means that about 850,000 homes need to be built per year, for the next 20 years to bridge the gap.
Estimated @ NGN 3 million per standard 2 bedroom flat/unit; NGN 51 Trillion (NGN 2.55 Billion per year!);
The total budget to bridge housing deficit gap is clearly unsustainable with the conventional building system!
This is owing in part, to the escalating cost of building materials, skilled labour, inflation, etc.
The current best solution which favors questionable cost-cutting measures, substandard, unsustainable solutions, to save short term cost, significantly increases the long term cost – the opportunity cost.
To this end, we highlight the factors affecting affordable housing options in Nigeria as follows:
1. Unreasonable profit by manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, hardware shops, builders, contractors, etc
2. Construction Technology / system.
3. Building System Design

Our proposed solut

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