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Uchi Kumwamba ~ Honey Heaven Poverty alleviation, biodiversity conservation, climate adaption

Business concept:
Provide rural farmers with skills and start-up resources to plant, grow and sell climate-resilient products. Forming strong market linkages and marketing for sustainably sourced and ethically farmed, natural products.

Climate solution:
– Working to create climate-conscious communities with a deep understanding of climate change and its impact on environment and livelihoods. Positive behaviour change and buy-in to the economic and environmental benefits of climate-smart agriculture.
– Replacing forest clearing and burning for nutrition-poor, drought-prone agriculture and charcoal production with alternative climate resilient income generating activities.

– Edible products and oils: Locally, naturally occurring species highly adapted to drought.
– Cultivated natural fibers for packaging and production
– Gums, resins, latex: plastic alternative native species
– Non-wood-based eco-energy sources
– Locally-made natural cosmetics

Sectors Agribusiness, Clean technology and energy, Consumer non-durables
Location Ndola, Zambia
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