Ubabio Biomass Energy Solutions Addressing Energy poverty and improving sanitation.

Ubabio Biomass Energy Solutions is an eco-inclusive business aiming to provide sustainable, reliable and affordable clean cooking bioenergy briquettes and energy-efficient stoves to various customer groups such as private households, institutions and restaurants, to conserve the environment, thereby bringing reliable and sustainable energy source to many different segments of the population.
We focus on providing access to clean and affordable energy by recycling organic and agro-wastes into environmentally friendly biomass briquettes. Sourced from local materials, the briquettes offer an alternative energy sources to firewood, charcoal or kerosene and provide quality, affordable, sustainable fuel for heating and cooking.
In Africa, we have challenges with electricity, just as we also have with cooking fuel. Over 70% of Nigerian rely on fuel wood or charcoal for cooking and heating purposes. We are dedicate to providing eco-friendly and sustainable energy to this target market.

Stage Unknown EST June 2017
SectorsBiofuels, Renewable energy, Waste management and recycling
LocationEnugu, Nigeria
MarketsGhana, Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda
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