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Typica Café Tostaduria Coffee shop and roastery working directly with farmers in Bolivia

Typica was created by 4 bolivian coffee enthusiasts and friends. One of them a daughter of coffee farmers in Caranavi region. We source, roast and sell Bolivian speciality coffee. Our goal is to be Bolivian coffee ambassadors worldwide, while creating opurtunities for coffee farmers to reach better markets and get fair price for their product. We work hard to create opportunities for young bolivians by educating and training them in coffee industry (baristas, roasters, coffe cuppers, farmers, chefs etc.). We are always working towards social, economic and envirnomental impact in local comunity. In just 5 years we have grown to 6 coffee shops nation wide, many recognitions internationally, first Bolivian barista champion, local awards etc. Typica has become more than a coffee business it has become a social movement that values local traditions, product and people as well as nature.

Sectores Cultivos agrícolas, Servicios educativos, Minoristas especializados
Localización La Paz, Bolivia
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