Tutor Tavern Easy, quick and seamless tutor matching

Tutor Tavern is an online marketplace that connects students that are struggling with their academics to tutors who are willing to help them at a fee in a way that is easy, quick and seamless.

The main contributor to low outputs from universities and technical/vocational schools is that students fail their courses and have to repeat them every year. This is often caused by the high student-faculty ratio in these institutions which is perpetuated by the institutional need to meet the demand for higher education in Zambia. Because few teachers attend to large numbers of students, they can’t afford to pay individual attention to each student’s learning needs. As a result, students fail and the cycle repeats itself annually.

Tutors can help students pass their exams and we have created an excellent way for students to find them and get help.

StageStartup stage EST February 2019
SectorsEducational services
LocationLusaka, Zambia
Customer modelB2C
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