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Kenya is the fourth largest African economy, but faces high unemployment rates and over 70000 graduates annually that are ranked as underskilled for the qualifications that they have. A lack of adequate skill is the single largest cause of unemployment in Kenya, and by extension, Africa.

A global PwC survey of more than 1,300 CEOs in 68 countries found that 96% of CEOs in Africa, are most concerned about the lack of skills – despite the fact that half of the organisations surveyed aim to hire again. Globally competitive skills and lifelong continuous learning are key in achieving productive employment and inclusive growth.

Tustawi is transforming learning through customisable mLearning and blended learning that offers market relevant content that is applicable and relatable, lowers the cost of training, makes learning accessible with offline and low bandwidth areas solutions, and engages with learners through an interactive and adaptive learning platform.

StageStartup stage EST September 2018
SectorsE-learning, Educational products, Educational services
LocationNairobi, Kenya
Customer modelGovernments (B2G)
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