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Tuse Tuse provides IoT solutions that save water and energy.

Tuse has developed a technology that allows people in places with no signal to communicate. This is achieved through the creation of wireless mesh networks via an app. The go to market strategy has been to implement the technology in water valves that detect leaks (through anomalies in water pressure, and flow etc.) and shut off the water once a certain threshold is traversed. A notification is sent to the user of our app where they can bypass this should it be an erroneous act or notify plumbers and insurers etc. if there was indeed a burst geyser or water leak of any kind. The mesh network nullifies the need for traditional communications infrastructure, allowing for the scalability of this and other applications.

Our customers would primarily be re-insurers, insurance companies and the public sector. The business model is such that we sell sensors to our customers and they, in turn, would offer sensor packages to their subscribers to reduce loss and damages – saving the insuranc

SectorsArtificial intelligence, Internet of things (IoT), Water utilities
LocationPort Elizabeth, South Africa
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