Tukwan LLC Travel is Freedom


Philip Gideon Aye-Darko (Co-Founder) – Early Stage Fund Raiser, 3 yrs Experience in
Leadership, 3 yrs in Project management, 3 yrs in Software development

Tracy Wilson (Co-Founder) – 3yrs Experience in Project Management, worked with Tinder

Olivia Oliver (Operations Manager) – 3 yrs in Tourism & Hospitality Management, worked with Accra Tourist Center, Ghana Tourism Authority

Honorine Uwayo (Tourism Training Manager) – 5yrs Experience, Visit Rwanda activist, Rwandan Destinations Marketer

Samuel Adzah (Destinations Officer) – Professional in Geo-Mapping, has 2 yrs Experience in GIS, Passionate about Location Intelligence.

Odamea Amoako (Product Manager) – 2 yrs Experience in Marketing of Products and