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Trip/In Trip/In! Optimise and Manage your travels experience.

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By2029, more than 14 billion passengers will be passing through airports around the world. The global industry revenue for airports reached 161,3 Billion USD in 2018.
• Current health context: The travel industry is looking for incentives to adapt. How to manage social distancing & enforce a new way to consume at travel ports (airports, train station)?
• How to Manage the flow & study traveller behaviour at airports?
• How to Optimize travellers time & improve their travels experiences.?
• How to Increase retailers turnover thanks to personalized offers?
Our app
• Informs the traveller about the conditions of his trip…
• Generates available information on the choice of activities (duty-free, F&B,
• leisure,) available at the airports
• Adapts the offers according to the traveller’s profile.: Tailored recommendation
• Sells behavioural studies on travellers to airports & cities; inform decision-makers about potential health risks

Sectors Big data, Leisure and travel, Tourism
Location France
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