Tranzferz Real-time international money transfer

What is tranzferz

Tranzferz is international real-time money transfer. for start we decide to focus on 5 countries which you can transfer money in real-time all over the world to these 5 countries. Bellow are the countries and why chose them as starting point :-

United State of America





Reasons for focusing on only these 5 for start.

US [Huge amount of successful startup is mostly possible at US ] DUBAI [Dubai is know for the center of commerce and luxury, so if your on a shopping and your out of cash, and you have someone from the other side of the world, you can use Tranzferz to get it as fast as possible (in real time).] NIGERIA [There is no good tangible way to transfer money from outside Nigeria to Nigeria. so it would be an amazing but, transferring to Nigeria will have slight real-time because we will have to verify and authenticate the transfer to reduce the amount of scams because there are lots of them in Nigeria.] PAKISTAN AND BANGLA

Stage Unknown EST March 2018
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