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Trade Lenda Finance Plug for msmes within the Supply Value chain

Cover image of Trade Lenda, Artificial intelligence venture on VC4A

Trade Lenda

Trade Lenda

Trade Lenda is enabling access to credit for MSMEs leveraging alternative data sources to qualify character and capacity in Nigeria.

According to the World Bank, this is a $5trillion opportunity market across emerging markets and the backbone of most economies in creating jobs.

It’s a known fact access to finance is a major challenge for MSMEs with a $5trillion opportunity market across developing economies. According to reports from PWC and IFC, MSMEs account for about 84% of the jobs created in this region and about 50% of the GDP of the African economies. However without needed finance, most of them are likely to shut down within first 2-5 years. Today with our smart data algorithm, we leverage on data to evaluate character and capacity of every request thus removing focus on upfront collateral and cutting bottle necks associated to getting credits by MSMEs. Our approach through aggregators also allows us acquire MSMEs in pool of about 5,000 with quality data and leads.

Sectors Artificial intelligence, Financial services, Fintech
Location Wilmington, United States of America
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