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Tousca Connecting global travel agents to African ground transport operators


Our team consists of the two founders, Leona and Dorian Toussaint, both of whom were founders of their shuttle and chauffeur business Professional Passenger Services that they set up in 1996 and subsequently liquidated in 2019. They have a thorough understanding of the industry and have now applied this knowledge to Tousca, their shuttle and chauffeur tech enabler which together with their knowledge is focused on growing and developing African shuttle and chauffeur operators and enabling them to be accessible to local and global travel agents. They have well established and valuable contacts within the travel industry on all levels and sectors within the trade as a result of their outstanding track record, knowledge, expertise, and commitment to their trade and have started to leverage off them in order to gain the traction needed. They are excited, passionate, and driven and have committed themselves 100% to their vision of being the largest ground transport aggregator in Africa!