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Farmwise Project offers smallholder farmers an asset-based loan package values that ranges from N25,000 to N40,000 ($62.5 to $100) in value and includes crop insurance to mitigate the risks of drought and disease for new farmers and up to N80,000 ($200) for returning farmers in the second year. Farmwise’s loan packages vary depending on farmers’ preferences. Farmwise will provides a maximum of one loan package per household and to qualify for the Farmwise program, farmers are required to form local groups, attend agricultural training, and pay a materials and training fee of N1,500. Farmwise will enable farmers to purchase inputs on credit with no additional service fee if repayment is completed in full by September, every year. For repayments made after second week of September, a service fee of 19 percent will apply. Farmwise won 2017 D-Prize US$20,000 Seed Grant Award and wants to scale her activities.