TooGood Up to 85% off on products and services

TooGood is the only online discount deal site in Kampala Uganda with up to 85% OFF unforgettable experiences, food & drinks, ticketing & travel, fitness, beauty & spas and more. We go to people, places & businesses with both products & services that people consider expensive, negotiate big discounts & then offer them to users through a web platform at Our strength/competitive advantage is in offering really big discounts, being the first entrants in the market, signing agreements with businesses, offering businesses an app to monitor their shops, constantly adding varieties of offers to users, having a user friendly site that is responsive on different devices, and above all the team having determination to see this venture succeed. Our market size is over 17Million people who use the internet in Uganda. We’re looking for our 1st round of investment to scale up our activities and operations, expand the our structures and business model, facilitate our mobile apps development plus upgrade our current platform.