Tomatiki Manufactures smart devices that secure agriculture investments

We design and manufacture smart devices to resolve most agriculture problems and help increasing revenue with decreasing expenses as well.  One example of our products is targeting mango farms in Egypt which are facing climate change in last few years that damages many mango farms each year if temperature degree is below +4, that is a crisis for farms owners to lose hundred of thousands pounds per year, so our smart device saves mango farms by automatic irrigation to raise up soil temperature over +4, with notify farm owner by SMS & call.

We have other three devices resolve other problems, these devices features are summarized here:

1- Mango device, monitors mango farm temperature, explained before.

2- Garden auto irrigation, this device gets predefined irrigation schedule to turn ON and OFF irrigation pumps, farm or garden owner can connect to this device anytime from any place in the world through device login page, and through mobile APP with login process for security, you can change irrigation schedule per hour, day, week, month, year and irrigation period remotely, you can monitor this device status 24/7 by getting ON, Off, or not connected.

3- GreenHouse control, allows you set greenhouse temperature then it controls AC and heater to reach the required temperature, you can monitor and control this device from the web or mobile APP.

4- Weather station, sends wind speed, temperature, and humidity of the farm to be accessible by the web and mobile