TOGEDA Prevention of spread of viruses and further pandemics

Togeda is a global movement that seek to ensure that the views, opinions and values of the world’s people shape global preparedness/prevention of spread of virus and further pandemics through the production, sales and use of faces masks and other protective measures in all high risks occupations and places.

There is a rising incidence of zoonotic spillover from animals to human population, causing diseases;
Diseases travel at jet-speed around the world, spreading across the continents in just a few days.
Often times, there is no corresponding vaccine to tackle infections.

From our market analysis, specific viruses affect some countries more than others. Therefore, TOGEDA will work in a number of prioritized countries; up to 20 countries across four specific sub-regions who have shown 90% willingness to explore the use of face masks and other protective measures to curtail risks of zoonotic spillover; and stop amplificationof viruses in case of eventual spillovers.