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TofaraOnline Rich Minds Creating Wealth

Facilitate and provide trainings on entrepreneurship and career development to young people and women in technology.
Provide technological based solutions to businesses and to also reach out to remote areas so that they learn and embrace technology to improve their livelihood.Provide tech hubs for startups which are technology based.
Promote and provide young people, women and less privileged members of the society with coaching and mentorship with Digital Marketing services to grow their businesses.
Provide tools, resources and programs that are relevant for women and young people’s growth and development.
Build mutual relationships and partnerships with global organisations that will provide solutions to various areas, challenges and problems of business growth
Build factory shells for skills sharing.

Develop sustainable business to business relationships with public and private entities spread across the globe, thus becoming link for business enga

SectorsEducation, Educational products, Educational services, Information technology, Marketing and PR
LocationHarare, Zimbabwe
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