T&N Apartments Pioneering state-of-the-art rental houses in Ronaldsvlei, Kimberley,

Ronaldsvlei is taking long to develop yet the whole of Kimberley is developing at a very fast pace. T&N Apartments would like to boost growth in Ronaldsvlei, taking advantage of the need for first class rental accommodation that could cater for a significant number of clients who either work at the nearby airport, the shopping malls, university, colleges, hospitals or even schools. On completion, the project will certainly add to the various others that are boosting the image of Kimberley within the Northern Cape context. There will be steady income generation as well as job creation in the process. Investors will be repaid within a period of 15 years and this family business will be free to expand in any other possible directions. This is going to raise the standards of real estate business in this part of South Africa to the very high competitive levels and hence making the 21st century a very exciting time in terms of development.

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Ubicación Kimberley, Sudáfrica
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