Titan Payment System Ltd (Titan PS) MyCashBox is Africa’s E-Services Bank!

MyCashBox is Africa’s E-Services Bank for financial and non-financial services!
Our solution offers full service convergence so customers do not have to hop from one app to the other but can, with a single login, complete multiple unrelated transactions with a few tabs and clicks.
This is made possible by our scalable FinTech platform. It was built by seamlessly piecing multiple business models into a single flawless platform to support the delivery of multiple E-Services.
There is a huge market for MyCashBox. 25.4 million smart devices and 14.7 million active mobile money wallets. 02/2020 estimated 193 million transactions and worth GHS 30.1 billion.
Our target market of 1.4 million (10% of active mobile wallets) is estimated to generate 5.6 million transactions with an estimated value at GHS 873 million.
Our revenue model; 0.7% fee on transaction value estimated at GHS 6.1 million, 10% to 15% fee on investment earnings and 2.5% on all sales including e-tickets.

Stage Startup stage EST June 2011
Sectors E-commerce, Fintech, Remittance
Location Tema, Ghana
Markets Ghana
Customer model B2B, B2C, C2C, Governments (B2G)
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