Tila farm You are what you Eat.

The company name Tila Farm is created in 2019 September. It has sustainable business model in terms of protecting the environment by using waste for production of mushroom. The name original mining is shade developed from the Amharic name of wild mushroom “ye jebe Tila”. Shade in compasses the business model which is protecting the environment and giving people shade and security towards nutrition and economical wellbeing. The business has a big potential.
1. Higher consumer demand in reference of growing population.
2. Higher food price leading to malnutrition, hunger, health issues. This is a solution by providing wholesome food with high nutritional value.
3. Growing city with higher number of restaurants with international cuisine, so they buy in bulk of quality and fresh mushroom.

StageStartup stage EST September 2019
SectorsAgribusiness, Food production, Waste management and recycling
LocationAddis Ababa, Ethiopia
Customer modelB2C
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