Tikkeo An all-in-one self service ticketing platform for events & transports

TIKKEO is an all-in-one self-service ticketing technology platform. Our app helps users to buy event tickets or transport tickets without moving (payment with Mobile Money account). And we help companies centralize their ticket sales service (online & offline).
We started in Gabon with the event ticketing market. We are now in Ivory Coast and are now covering the ticketing market for buses. This gives a global market of 120 Million tickets per year for Gabon, Cote d’Ivoire, Senegal, Democratic Congo and Cameroon. We make our money by collecting 8% transaction fee from tickets sold.
We have an experienced team with deep domain expertise and a first-mover advantage. Since its launch, more than 30,000 tickets have been generated on Tikkeo with a transaction volume of more than $ 300 K. We are looking for $ 1.2 Million SERIE A to have a more solid software layer and develop the platform in others countries.
We estimate a turnover of $ 20 Million over three years.

SectorsE-commerce, Enterprise software, Software as a Service
LocationLibreville, Gabon
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