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Tierra Viva We transform polluting wastes into natural fertilizers.

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Tierra Viva

Tierra Viva

The dairy basin of Tizayuca, Hidalgo, Mexico generates more than 1000 tons of manure every day. These wastes do not have any processing processes, they are only accumulated in landfills or scattered in the surrounding agricultural fields, generating great pollution in water, soil and air as well as emitting large amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere propitiating global warming. What we do is to transform these wastes into natural fertilizers of excellent quality using microorganisms and California red worms. Our process makes it open and in bare soils in large quantities with very little infrastructure, we only encourage the elements for nature to accelerate its processes. Our fertilizers are completely natural and susceptible to being applied in any crop. They also regenerate the agricultural soils, improving their physical, chemical and biological properties. It is certainly the direction of world agriculture.

Sectors Agritech, Food production, Sanitation
Location Huitzila, Mexico
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