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TIER Sustainable Finance Sustainable Supply Chain Finance

1. Traceability & Visibility: We map your complete end-to-end supply chain using blockchain-based lifecycle record keeping.

2. Proprietary “ESG-Credit Intelligent Score”: We analyze the financial, environmental, social and governance (ESG) sustainability, and human rights performance of your supply chain. “Sustainability lowers the cost of capital”: our scores are designed to incentivize supply chains that progress towards sustainable sourcing with better credit conditions.

3. Measurable & Transparent Reporting Dashboard: We track the sustainability and financial performances of each supplier in the supply chain with real time ESG-credit data to fulfill and increase your impact goals.

4. Multi-financing Platform for Financial Intermediaries (funders): We provide supply chain finance, revenue-based financing for supply chains across all tiers. All funding options we provide are based on an innovative “Cascade-risk model”: based on the lower credit risk of the large b

Sectors Artificial intelligence, Blockchain, Financial services
Location Ciudad de México, Mexico
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