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TIBU Health HealthTech Logistics Company Delivering Healthcare Services

TIBU Health

TIBU Health

We leverage our healthtech logistics platform to connect patients to a curated set of healthcare services and professionals at a time and location of a patient’s choosing (think Deliveroo for health). Our platform schedules and deploys human and material resources for home based clinical appointments and digitizes all patient data for a new and refreshing medical experience.

Seed stage healthtech startup in Nairobi. Currently in market and generating revenue.

Accessing high quality healtcare services is inconvenient, costly and risky due to COVID-19. Traffic, waiting rooms, invoices patients do not understand, rampant corruption and the lack of control over data have made the health sector one of the least efficient industries of the 21st century.

Secteurs Fournisseurs et services de soins de santé, Logistique
Emplacement Nairobi City, Kenya
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