Tibiwa Your verified medical services and medical data at one place

Accessing special medical services in Kenya isn’t that simple. The medical specialists operate in different locations and one has to rely on a friend in order to get the specialists contact. Due to this, one might end up in the wrong specialist, whom they didn’t wish to attend to.

Come to think of your medical data or information as you visit different healthcare facilities. It’s only a specific facility that has access to that information hence that can’t be used to offer your treatment decision in another facility.

With Tibiwa, we bring these services under one package in that you can search for your specialist or healthcare facility, read their patient reviews and book instant appointments. Upon visiting, your information is stored under the facilities data store but once you visit another specialist registered on Tibiwa, they’re able to pull your data from past medical visits which helps in the medical treatment decision.

We believe medical services can be done better.

Sectors Healthcare providers and services
Location Nairobi, Kenya
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