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Team ThriveAgric (VP Cohort 2)

Posted by Ventures Platform on Tuesday, September 12, 2017

They are over 84million hectares of arable land in the country and less than twenty percent is used for farming and Nigeria has an agricultural potential of over twenty one trillion naira. There are over 23million small holder farmers in the country who represent the food production margin, these farmers are not producing a lot because there are faced with so many agricultural problems. We have created an easy to use website that allows just anyone fund a farmer, participate in agriculture online and get regular updates from their farm with the mobile device. Doing this, we are able to solve the three primary problems small holder farmers face; money to fund their farm, low yield from their farm due to little knowledge of standard farm practices and access to profitable market. Now farmers make three times more yield on an hectare of land since they are provide with right knowledge of standard farm practices to scale production