ThinkBiz Africa Small Business Centres that generate income and support education

Our Company, ThinkBiz Africa, is building a network of Small Business (SBiz) Centres that generates income and supports education in underserved communities.

Our revenue-generating infrastructure is solar-powered Small Business (SBiz) Centres, which electrify rural villages, expand educational opportunities, and deliver a variety of complimentary products and services. To create these Centres, we combined our most advanced knowledge delivery system with two proven revenue-generating systems. The first is a solar-powered convenience store by SOLARKIOSK, and the second is a solar-powered micro-grid built by i4SD.

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Think Education.
Think Jobs.
Think Sustainable.
ThinkBiz Africa!

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Sectors Education, Renewable energy, Retail
Location Lagos, Nigeria
Markets Côte d'Ivoire, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Namibia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania, United Republic of
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