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The VNTS Company Limited Pioneering Innovation in Africa

The VNTS Company Limited

The VNTS Company Limited

VNTS makes innovative consumer devices, builds platforms for B2B Clients & B2C markets and develops hardware solutions especially tailored for the African environment.

NetPremise® Data Traffic Extender (DTE) is A Router, Wireless Access Point and Powerline Extender combination made to solve the problem of signal coverage and connectivity in large or multi-story buildings where your wireless signals drop the further away you move from where your router is. It must be connected by RJ 45 cable to a router. The Powerline technology transmits data across rooms through the electrical wires already present in buildings and transmits it into devices wirelessly. The data passes through the walls, is not weakened or obstructed and gets into your devices at without any reduction in speed. This way people ensure that their buildings are totally and effectively covered by data signals without installing expensive networking cables or constantly changing their routers for the late

Sectors Computer hardware, Information technology, Manufacturing
Location Lagos, Nigeria
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