The Sustainablity Hub Making your environment work for you


We contribute to sustainable production and consumption by supporting organisations to minimize the negative impact of their activities on the environment while helping them have positive influence on their host communities through sustainable environmental and social responsibility initiatives.

By viewing environmental accountability as a human rights issue, we work closely with relevant government agencies and production companies, educating them on the human rights infringements posed by environmental impacts of production processes while supporting them to enhance the complementary relationship between promoting and protecting human rights and achieving sustainable economic growth;building strong institutions and systems.

In order to reduce socio-economic inequalities, we also enable the host communities so they can have the ability and means to assert, protect and monitor their rights with the knowledge and skills to meaningfully participate in the decision making processes that determine their future, and for them to equitably share in the benefits that their environment offers.

All these we do also ensure that the companies make more profits from brand awareness, loyalty and minimized costs. So far, we have been able to help three businesses we have worked with increase their profits by 30%, 12% and 19% respectively across the agriculture, fashion and corporate sectors.