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The Square Peg Wonder Living truly, deeply

Cover image of The Square Peg Wonder, Consulting and business development venture on VC4A

The Square Peg Wonder (TSPW) is a platform that helps high impact single moms (and other moms) to create the life they love by focusing on all aspects of healing and by maximizing their resources.

This venture is devoted to sharing ideas, tools, and resources that will help spur Nigerian single moms into action so that they can MANIFEST their dream family, business, and life.

TSPW features groups (WhatsApp and Facebook) where single moms can easily turn to for support, encouragement, and counsel.
The majority of single mothers are breadwinners who work very hard to provide for their families. At the same time, they have to endure the shame, embarrassment, and social stigma that society attaches to single moms.

TSPW provides a safe zone of acceptance where they can feel empowered to live fully.

SectorsConsulting and business development, Education, Media production
LocationIfe, Nigeria
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