The Shot Callers The Shot-Callers is a barbershop and photo studio services business

The Shot-Callers is a barbering and photography services company premised on addressing issues of public health and safety. We further address financial exclusion of the less privileged through coordinating a funding platform.

With Lesotho named the second country with the highest HIV prevalence of 23%, together with hepatitis B and C co-infections, we believe working together with the health centers, NGOs and the government can help prevent new infections.

Another issue is that of traditional banks and their unwillingness to respond to what people living in poverty really need. Their services are mostly appropriated at the low-risk targets; the middle- and upper-class.

So, our funding platform helps to connect investors and entrepreneurs.

StageStartup stage EST October 2018
SectorsHealthcare providers and services, Investment management, Photography
LocationMaseru, Lesotho
Customer modelC2C
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