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The Savor Experience Company Savor the experience

The Savor Experience Company

The Savor Experience Company

Savor the Experience Company is a hub for finding all the most unique and interesting experiences. Providing clear information on pricing, geography, feedback, availability and allowing the customer to pay for the experience on the platform. Basically, the Airbnb for unique experiences in Kenya and eventually the continent.

I believe that Kenya is a basket of opportunities that I would like to share with the world. After living abroad for most of my life I have returned home to just marvel at what a beautiful country Kenya is. The people, the culture and the experience of Kenya are entirely unique.

Unfortunately, the way that we communicate our uniqueness as a country has not advanced from the sixties and seventies and the travel industry has remained fragmented and hard to navigate. As a two-sided marketplace Savor is working to connect customers looking for interesting experiences with providers looking for customers

With the advancement of technology and the rise of

SectorsEvents, Hospitality, Leisure and travel
LocationNairobi, Kenya
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