The Garlic Farm Make good food great with garlic.

The Garlic Farm

The Garlic Farm

We grow, buy and sell garlic in our own shop and speciality retailers across UK. We are a farm, restaurant and holiday destination.

Our garlic business has the power to support stable and secure livelihoods for employees and suppliers, to be sensitive to the land and community and bring smiles and happiness to those who come in contact with what we do.
Profitability protects our collective ability to continue with this work in this way.
To safeguard this commercial health alongside improving our environmental and social impact, we work together on a clear mission.

Celebrate the flavour and fascination of good garlic.
Deliver joy to people who visit our farm to eat, stay, shop, play, learn and explore.

Strengthen and sustain our farm, estate and business with socially and environmentally regenerative methods.

Be efficient with resources, protect our planet.
Be respectful to people, look after each other.

Sectores Cultivos agrícolas, Alimentos y bebidas, Minoristas especializados
Ubicación Sandown, Reino Unido
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