The Chance Job international Ltd The nature we are

Lack of Market and Technical advises to increase productivity and house hold income.

We pattern with companies that use agricultural products as raw materials for example Brewing companies to take cereals, export companies, and aslo search for international market for agriculture products, and then we contract farmers depending on the contracts and MOU’s we have with the companies in question above.
This gives farmers a clear hope of ready markets for their produce, we pay through bank accounts which reduces thiefty or robbery during transportation or hand cash distribution of money. It also helps a farmer to acquire financial assistance from the bank.

It’s so unique that farmers are sure of the market, due to momerandum of understanding/contracts with us and also we as a company we,have ready markets to take farmers products.
We pay through bank , where we can recommend them for a financial assistance.

Stage Startup stage EST March 2019
Sectors Agribusiness, Crop farming, Import and export, Real estate
Location Hoima, Uganda
Markets Uganda
Customer model B2B2B
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