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BSD is on a mission to give Africa access to technology education. Africa’s jobless youth cast a shadow over its economic growth. Unemployment, underemployment has disrupted the mindset of African Youths. The BSD Academy was conceived as a result of curbing the level of Joblessness in Africa and Nigeria by driving the African Youth in the direction of becoming a Technology Enablers. There are not enough jobs in other sectors but the technology sector is one that constantly complains of not having enough people for its market. The time has come for African countries to view their social and economic challenges as opportunities for scientific advancement. It is also time to use Technology, to address societal challenges. Only through collaborating Technology and Education using a Global Curriculum would this be achievable taking advantage of the youthful population. We hope to advance both technology and society as an integral whole.

StageIdea/Concept stage EST July 2017
SectorsComputer software, Educational services, Information technology
LocationLagos, Nigeria
Customer modelNon-profits
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