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The BRANCH Cafe Love never Fails

Coffee I say is the Crude Oil of the Future. Coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world behind crude oil. As crude oil keeps on loosing in its value in the international market, coffee would finally take its place as the most traded commodity in the world. Nigeria has massive deposits of Coffee that is not currently been utilized. The reason for this is the absence of an active consuming market for coffee in Nigeria. Most Nigerians either do not know about coffee, do not know the benefits of its consumption or possess a wrong opinion about the consumption of coffee due to numerous misconceptions. The BRANCH Cafe charged with the vision of reawakening the beverage industry of Nigeria helps solve this problem on two front. First, it engages in massive enlightenment and educative campaigns to help Nigerians recognize the benefits of coffee consumption and then on the other front provides consumers various innovative ways of enjoying the beverage – Coffee.

Sectors Food and beverage
Location Ilorin, Nigeria
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