The African Attire Shop(TAAS) App Get bespoke African attires from competent fashion designers online

Have you ever liked a native attire on a fashion designer’s social media page, and you just want to click on a button and then get it delivered? Unfortunately, even though this can be possible for other products like a washing machine, laptop etc., it’s not just as straightforward for a native attire, you might want a different fabric to the one displayed or you want it to be tailor made to you and not just a M, XL, L, XXL size category where different body part measurements might go wrong and you might then need an adjustment after ordering.

With the TAAS app, it gives fashion designers the tools that helps their customers make choices concerning what they actually want in their ordered fashion piece all from the comforts of their homes. Customers get to be referred by a link from fashion designer social media post to the app where the customer will be taking through the process of choosing a fabric to be used to sow the style, upload measurement values, choose accessories and pay.

Stage Unknown EST March 2018
Sectors Clothing and textiles, E-commerce, Fashion
Location Ikeja, Nigeria
Markets Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria
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