The AFLANG Project Preserving and Promoting African Languages and Cultures

Founded in response to problems such as underdevelopment, brain drain, lack of cultural awareness and mutual understanding, and loss of cultural heritage and knowledge, and having identified an opportunity—Africa is now home to six of the world’s 10 fastest-growing economies and has been described by international business observers as the Future Economic Growth Engine of the World, thus, attracting an increasing number of people—The AFLANG Project develops mobile apps for African languages and cultures learning as well as provides translation services to individuals, businesses, and the web. Working with universities and native speakers across Africa, our enterprise is the first in the African languages learning market catering to languages from all regions and infusing culture and history learning as well as (concerning present and future products) current language learning trends including gamification, personalisation, and social language learning (while employing natives).

Sectores E-learning, Educación, Móvil
Ubicación Calabar, Nigeria
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