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Terawit & Company Ltd Growing Businesses, Connecting Minds...

It’s a job hunt and recruitment tool on steroids.
It’s 10 times more powerful than any other Professional Networking Site currently in existence.
According to the Worldbank (2018) almost 12 million people are unemployed in Nigeria.
This excludes underemployed people who due to poverty, lack of information about opportunities are stuck in jobs for which they are overqualified. states that there are over 3.1 Million registered businesses. Many of these businesses have a hard time locating the right employee(s) for their organisation. This leads to huge capital losses and even extinction in some cases.

Our solution is a web + mobile-based solution which among others will aid job seekers:
A. identify and apply for existing vacancies as they are published by employers
B. sell themselves in the best way possible as they sign up. Many brilliant employees have lost out on great opportunities because they didn’t have a well-written resume.
C. Networking amongst othe

Sectors Consulting and business development, HR and recruitment, Internet of things (IoT)
Location Ibadan, Nigeria
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