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Terawatt An online marketplace for affordable, impactful & real-time education

Terawatt is democratizing access to expert instruction. We host live, group classes taught by vetted & talented coaches. On Terawatt’s platform, all participants are virtual, students split an instructor’s market rate, and every course is taught by an excellent coach committed to group learning.

Our virtual group courses provide value for our three stakeholders. 1) Instructors earn market rate income and foster lead generation for clients. 2) Mid-Level Professionals get access to good coaches at affordable prices. 3) Employers use Terawatt as an employee benefit to impact retention and ROI on innovation, profitability and other company-wide growth goals.

Why Terawatt works:
A) Humans learn best through engagement, conversation and peer interaction not sitting back and watching recorded videos.
B) High speed internet enables low latency, high resolution video communication.
C) Experts & education are in demand around the globe.

Sectors Educational services, Telecom
Location #113022; Stamford, United States of America
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