Tembo Education We educate 0-6 year old children, via text messages.

We are Forbes 30 Under 30 Entrepreneurs.

Tembo sends one activity per day, to parents, via text messages. The parents then educate their children with the activity.

For educating their children, parents are rewarded. In developing nations, rewards are free minutes & texts. In developed nations, rewards are Amazon gift cards.

For every child educated, Tembo educates an underserved child, similar to TOMS shoes “1-for-1” model.

We provide a subscription model: Monthly, Annually, or Lifetime of the child (meaning current age, up through age six).

We have three types of payers, in order of most common.

1. Foundations, Governments, Businesses: paying on behalf of a group of children, such as a school, daycare center, or even refugee camp.
2. Schools & Daycares: paying on behalf of their children.
3. Parents: parents paying for themselves.

Stage Unknown EST September 2015
Sectors Education, Educational products, Educational services
Location Lagos, Nigeria
Markets Angola, Congo, Democratic Republic of the, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, United Republic of, Zimbabwe
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