Telecosys delivers innovative software solutions for Tech-based service providers including Telecom operators, Internet Service Providers, Cloud-based service providers, and pay TV.
“VeriSure” is Telecosys’ first solution targeting data integrity and consistency problems at service providers. Service providers normally operates using multiple IT / Network platforms that determines which services each customer should have, how and when they have access to it, and how they will be charged for it.
If any data integrity problems occurred between those platforms there will be a possibility of revenue leakage or bad customer experience.
An example of revenue leakage in Telecom operator:
A customer pays $20 for a monthly mobile internet package of 4GB. Because there is an inconsistency between the operator’s platforms, the customer is allowed to have a monthly mobile internet package of 8GB that worth $30, for example. So the customer, on monthly-basis, is paying $10 less than what he is supposed to pay.

The size of annual revenue leakage in Telecom industry is $23 billion.
Unlike other solutions in the market, VeriSure is a realtime online solution that detects data inconsistencies at earlier stages and fixes it immediately. While other solutions respond to this problem in a days-weeks time period causing bigger loss to operators.

VeriSure solves the data integrity problems at any market/industry telecom, ISP, Cloud service providers, Pay TV, …etc.