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TechMed Ethiopia Medical care close to you


Dr Essete Yohannes(MD,CEO)is a cofounder,CEO of TechMed who has an experience in a COVID center as a primary treating physician.She has excellent team managing, leading and good communication skills.She is engaged in volunteering activities and community services.
Dr Bethel Desta(MD,COO)is a cofounder,COO of TechMed and a medical doctor with one year intensive internship in Alert hospital plus volunteer in medical campaigns.She is certified project manager from Addis Ababa University
Dr Eden Alemayehu(MD, CCO)is a cofounder and CCO of TechMed who has work experience on clinical activities, training and organizational structures in government hospitals and health centers
Dr Emebet Belayneh(MD, CFO)is a cofounder,CFO of TechMed and a medical doctor who has work experience as a general practitioner in government hospitals and health centers.She is a master’s candidate of public health.She has an internship experience in an accounting firm.
There are 3 nurses on the team for the star