Teachme Ltd Apran Vin Facil (Meaning: Learning becomes easy)

A Learning management system (LMS) with integrated interactive audio-visual learning material covering the syllabus. Teachme will provide access to students, the content for education on a self-learning basis 24/7 tuned to the syllabus of the Mauritius Examinations Syndicate and the countries of the Southern African countries. There will be a teacher or parent login to check on the progress of the student. The model relies on a monthly membership fee affordable for each country. We will start with Mauritius where the average yearly students at grade 9 is above 17,000 for the Republic of Mauritius (Statistics Mauritius, 2017) and propose a membership fee of Rs500. However, by covering a wider range of subjects and grades, this model can scale up accordingly to cover all levels, even extending to tertiary education in all countries. We aim to connect students, parents, educators and educational institutions all in the same platform, thereby reducing the dependency on expensive tuition.