TDC VENTURES Delivering creative quality educative & entertaining contents

Solution Summary:
We create good music, produce educative and inspirational movies, provide models for different brands through motion and still picture(s). We promote youngsters and inspire people to actualize their dreams.
We produce quality digital content(s) and service(s), training/branding of individuals and businesses as well as Media/ICT Consultancy
Targeted Market:
Music and movie lovers, showbiz devotee and seekers of knowledge for growth and development
Our main targeted market will be the medium consumers will access our content(s) like cinemas, television, open market, online platforms etc.
Our Competitors:
Music and movie producers, showbiz promoters, marketers, online entrepreneurs, and media firms
Why Choose Us:
Our teams are naturally talented; they have vast experience in the practice and unlike others who are all about the money, we are poise to make evergreen impacts. Our content(s) are educative, inspiring, promote the Nigerian and African culture.

LocationAbuja, Nigeria
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