TBOG Global Resources is a limited liability company whose focused investment in Agriculture and Agriculture value chain seeks to contribute its quota in the food security provisions of the nation.We are in business to provide access to market for farmers produce-Crop and Animal produce in Nigeria and ultimately across Africa.Our business develops a complete off-taking network for farmers.The network includes the market for the produce,the haulage system and the access platforms both online and physical locations.At the moment our focus is on the egg distribution value chain across Nigeria.Nigeria produces about 10.3billion eggs annually and is currently Africa’s largest producer of Eggs with over $1billion(dollars) in revenue annually.The market is huge.For now,our network distributes about 10000 crates of Eggs monthly across Nigerian cities with an average of $300,000 in annual revenue.We project that this would triple in 2years through our expansion projects and increased funding.

Stage Unknown EST May 2014
SectorsAgribusiness, Transport and logistics
LocationJos, Nigeria
MarketsBenin, Chad, Niger
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