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Our Soybean Oil is extracted from rich Soybeans. The Soybean is dehulled, cleaned, and dried before the extraction process begins. The extraction process involves cutting the Soybeans into flakes, putting them in a percolating extractor before immersing in a solvent. This oil is refined to remove impurities in order to make it edible. Having gone through these processes our Soybean Oil comes out with a unique golden yellow color and a nice flavor that doesn’t have a bad aroma and doesn’t change the taste of food when used to cook, rather it enhances the flavor of food. Our Soybean Oil has a good emulsifying ability, it is low in saturated fats and has no trans fat. It’s possession of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E makes it a healthy choice for consumers than other edible oils. Also our Soybean Oil will be sold in a presentable and attractive package of various sizes. Our products have little or no cholesterol which makes it healthier than most other oils and it will be more afforda

Sectors Agribusiness
Location Kaduna, Nigeria
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