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Target Space Transform YOU Transform BRANDS

Located in the Elevators Lobbies of some of the nation’s premier office towers with a focus on technology, we help connect brands to high-value ready-to-spend captive audiences, with ease, effectiveness and analytics. We leverage programmatic content from best-in-class providers to raise awareness, spark interest and engage with audiences and enable property managers’ communication with their tenants resulting in meaningful connections among viewers, brands and their buildings 12+ hours daily, 7days a week.
Our solution can produce an outstanding return on investment to our clients. About 77 percent of City Dwellers access office buildings across the city per day. There are approximately 200 high rise office buildings. On average, each building generates $1,000 in ad revenue per month with an estimate 1.8M impressions/month. This is 4 times more impressions than a freeway billboard for 7-10 times less costs. This type of ads can evoke an 80% recall rate with an average ROI of 150%.

Sectors Adtech, Marketing and PR, New media
Location Kenya
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