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Talent Centre (Pty) Ltd Motivating continuous improvement in business

Many startups have the theoretical information but not enough mentoring or support. Talent Centre has a program called the ’20 Months Entrepreneurship Success Strategies’, which they will partner with you for the first twenty months of your business and help you take off on the right foundation, providing a helping hand where necessary. This is because many face challenges and do not know who to talk to, where to go etc, so we are there to say lets talk and lets map a way forward together for the betterment of your business and our business as well. We developed this program after seeing that people get the initial motivation to start business, may get some funding but along the way after they have started or the funding has been received, they face problems, and help may not easily be available. We will work with you for the first twenty months, or even more to set you up on a right footing and ensure that when we part you are only accelerating for growth.

Sectors Accounting services, Consulting and business development, Diversified services
Location Gaborone, Botswana
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