Takinra Limited An African Ebay for agricultural products

A significant percentage of agricultural products costs in sub-Saharan Africa is due to middlemen who significantly inflate the price of commodities, and create barriers for local farmers to access the consumer marketplace directly.
The creation of an electronic marketplace would enable local agricultural product farmers, and consumers bypass the traditional market which is controlled by intermediaries, and this will drive the competitive pricing of products.

A virtual marketplace such as Takinra has the incredible capacity to transform the way agricultural products are bought and sold in Africa.
Who we are:
Takinra is an African internet startup located in Nigeria. Our vision is expanding across all African countries. We apply internet technologies to solving real-world problems in the area of agricultural products sales.
We have created a prototype of the Takinra website and conducted some preliminary testing to ensure the implemented solution will support ou

Sectors Agribusiness, E-commerce
Location Lagos, Nigeria
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